Girl Guides of Canada

Sugartide Equestrian is proud to offer tailored packages to members of the prestigious Girl Guides of Canada in an effort to create opportunities for Girl Guides to earn horse riding and active oriented badges, and for Rangers to take on new active challenges in a safe, knowledgeable and fun environment.

Special Interest Badge

The Special Interest Bage - Key To Active Living Interest Badge Requirements are as follows:

Create your own interest badge about an active lifestyle. This does not mean to draw an interest badge, this means you must do something that has to do with an active lifestyle that is not covered in any of the other “Key to Active Living” interest badges. Describe what you did for your special badge, and if it involves creating something, bring it to Brownies to share.

This is a once off equestrian experience that is similar to one of our evaluation lessons. The overall session time is one hour and consists of 20 minutes of stable management, learning to interact with, groom and tack up the horse with help, and 40 minutes of a riding lesson. The perfect taster for English riding, something new, fun and active you can report back to your unit!

Special Interest Package:

1 Session ........................................................... $62.00

Horsepower Badge

The Horsepower Badge Requirements are as follows:

Purpose: to develop your skill in riding and caring for horses.

6 of these 8 activities must be completed to earn the badge:

1. Help water, feed, groom, saddle and ride a quiet saddle horse or pony OR with help, arrange to water, feed, groom harness, yolk and drive a horse-drawn or pony-drawn sleigh.

2. Show that you understand the feeding and care of the horses.

3. Keep stables and harness/tack room clean and tidy. Show that you understand the cleaning of harness/tack.

4. Explain how to recognize when a horse is in poor condition and what to do to improve the condition.

5. Show that you understand the temperament of different horses and how to use tact and common sense in handling them.

6. Know what precautions and equipment should be used for handling and riding horses safely.

7. Explain to your unit the safety regulations for riding. What would you do if your horse rears, trips, bucks, stops or bolts?

8. Plan and take part in a ride with others that includes lessons. OR Take a trip to an event such as a fair, to see a horse show.

We offer a 1 month package which consists of two sessions of contact time a week and covers all of these requirements as well as a basic introduction to English riding. Our Weekend Horsepower sessions take place on Saturday mornings From 10:30 - 12:30 and consist of one hour stable management and one hour of riding.

We also offer a 4 session option which entails attending one week stable management and then one week ridden lessons over the 4 weeks totaling two stable management sessions and two ridden sessions. This package covers the minimum 6 items required to earn the badge.

Weekday Evening Horsepower sessions are available by arrangement.

Horsepower Packages:

8 Sessions - Horsepower Badge ................. $340.00

4 Sessions - Horsepower Badge ................. $190.00

Rangers - Living Well: Beyond Baseball

We are pleased to offer Rangers the opportunity to conquer their Living Well: Beyond Baseball challenges by coming and getting involved in English Horseback Riding! It is an incredible sport and really great fun, as well as being accessible to all, even those with physical limitations. With documented safety protocols and equipment, knowledgeable and certified instructors, and a string of exceptional horses, we can get you and your unit well on your way to achieving this challenge and equip you to inform others about the awesome sport of horse riding.

Contact us directly to discuss your needs and we can tailor a morning/afternoon/evening event session to cover all the aspects of the Living Well: Beyond Baseball physically active challenge!

Clients will be invoiced via email, and payments are due upon receipt.

Email money transfer is preferred but cheques are also accepted. We regret that we do not accept cash.


Lessons must be used within the month for which they are invoiced. If you cannot make a lesson, 24 hours notice must be given or you will be billed for the lesson and forego any opportunity for a make up lesson.

Make up lessons can be scheduled with your instructor regarding cancellations made prior to 24 hours before the lesson time.