SugarTide Equestrian Academy

Once a rider is ready, and has shown their coach the desired level of dedication, horsemanship, and skill, they will be invited to join the SugarTide Equestrian Academy and have the opportunity to go to horse shows and compete throughout the year all over Calgary and the surrounding areas. This is not mandatory but an option for riders to work on as a goal should they so choose. Your coach will approach you and your family (if applicable) when they believe you are ready to join the academy, and discuss your opportunities to compete.

To qualify to join the academy riders must be having regular lessons at an absolute minimum of four times per month to ensure their skill level is maintained regularly enough for competition. Academy riders have access to our academy rider brand clothing and apparel line, as well as opportunities for Academy Clinics and special training and information days off property, such as attending Spruce Meadows events with your coach, Calgary Stampede Rodeo and much more.

The spirit of the Academy is first and foremost a supportive one, to create a group of riders known for encouraging one another and others around them, to always display kindness and sportsmanship of the highest level, and most of all a love for the animals on which they are competing.

The most important thing to remember about riding is that the entire point of doing it is to have fun.